Optimal health begins with optimal cells


Restore your Vitality

Don’t let the lack of energy take over your life. Pallet Hormone therapy’s goal is to make you balanced on all cellular levels.


Relieve your Pain

Natural wear and tear can lead to unforeseen injuries. We use Stem cells to initiate repair and replenish damaged or lost tissue. Helping you avoid invasive surgical procedures.


Fortify your Health

IV therapy is the key to assuring you keep functioning at an optimal level, by providing you with all the missing nutrients our body is craving.

Our Mission

At the Advanced Regenerative Medical Center of South Bay, we detect and correct abnormalities at the molecular level to treat disorders and improve the quality of life for people suffering from pain syndromes, lack of energy, immunological disorders, gut health and much more.

Our Philosophy

Modern day medicine has long focused more on treating and less on early detection and prevention despite advances in molecular level and genetic testings.

It is well known that diseases are caused by body failing regulatory mechanisms and repair systems with strong roots in malnutrition and environmental toxin exposure.

Most diseases take years to progress from microscopic and cellular levels to full blown, incurable diseases and can be prevented.